Faculty Directory and Advisory Committe

Faculty and Staff

Name Office Telephone E-Mail
Maryanne Atkinson, Dean Health Services Chelsea Campus 341, Charlestown Campus G235 617-228-2027 matkinso@bhcc.edu
Deborah Latina, Allied Health Department Chair Chelsea Campus 344 617-228-2472 dlatina@bhcc.edu
Dr. Rebecca Alleyne-Holtzclaw, Professor Chelsea Campus 332 617-228-2473 ralleyne@bhcc.edu
Stephen O'Leary, Clinical Placement Coordinator Chelsea Campus 348 617-228-2471 so241721@bhcc.edu
Dr. Jayne MacPherson, Surgical Technology Department Chair Chelsea Campus 617-228-3362 jmacpherson@bhcc.edu
Dana Thomas, Professor Chelsea Campus 617-228-3363 da216636@bhcc.edu
Dr. Richard Yost, Pharmacy Technology Department Chair Chelsea Campus 333 617-228-3366 rlyost@bhcc.edu

2018-2019 Advisory Board

Debra Antonelli, Soldier's Home
Jessica Jacob, Tufts Medical Center
Katrina Shaw, Freedom House, Inc.
Anne Camelio, Beth Israel Health Center
Coleen Figliuzzi, South End Community Health Center
Yves Milard-Seide, Devereux House and Rehab.