Frequently Asked Questions

Students taking web courses do not have to report to a classroom on campus at a scheduled time.  Instead, students access course materials via Moodle, our Learning Management System (LMS).  Every online course is the equivalent in content and academic rigor to those in a traditional classroom. 

Students are expected to log in to Moodle frequently enough to make continuous progress in their course(s) and to adhere to any semester deadlines/due dates set by the instructor. Please note that your instructor may expect daily participation from students or require that students log in on or by a certain day of the week. This may vary from class to class.  Students will access all course outline requirements in Moodle via their BHCC network username and password and complete all reading, research and assignments independently.

Motivated self-starters with excellent time-management skills tend to be most successful in online classes.  However, any student who requires the convenience and flexibility of an online course should consider the option.  In all cases, strong reading and writing skills are recommended for prospective students.

You can register for online courses the same way you would register for any courses at BHCC.  For additional information on the registration process, please go to Registration Information in Student Central.

The majority of online instructors are full-time faculty members at BHCC and other colleges.  In all cases, the instructors have undertaken extensive training in online instruction and have redesigned their existing classes to best accommodate this mode of instructional delivery.

This depends upon the instructor. BHCC has academic advisors and student advocates who can answer your questions or forward specific inquiries to an instructor on your behalf.  If you would like additional information about online learning or if you have any questions, we encourage you to contact our office at or (617) 228–3427.

Online courses at BHCC enjoy the same transferability and accreditation as those in our traditional classroom environment.  However, students must consult with the transfer institution in order to ensure that the classes are eligible for transfer.

You must possess basic computer skills, such as being comfortable navigating the Internet, sending and receiving e-mail, word processing, cutting and pasting within documents, toggling between applications and using e-mail attachments. For specialized courses, other skills may be required.

Online courses can be accessed via any device with an internet connection.  However, since most courses will require submission of work that may include large files or special software, it is recommended that online students have consistent access to a laptop or desktop computer with internet access.

Once enrolled, you may contact instructors via e-mail or any method preferred by the instructor.  In some courses, instructors might post electronic office hours, hold online chat sessions, and list telephone numbers where they can be reached.  Early reports from online students suggest they have as much, if not more, access to instructors in an online course than in the traditional classroom setting.

This can depend on the course and your individual abilities.  In general, you should plan on spending approximately six to ten hours per week, per course, which would include time spent reading, completing assignments, participating in discussion forums, studying, completing assessments, etc.

Web courses with labs are completed online. There is no in-person component for labs.

If you anticipate issues with completing a web course on time, then you should contact the instructor as soon as possible to discuss your progress in the course.  Instructors understand that problems might arise during the semester, however keeping the instructor apprised of progress is paramount.  If you have achieved significant progress in the course, then an in-progress (IP) grade may be available at the discretion of the instructor.  The instructor is the sole arbiter concerning the completion of work in his or her course.

You may purchase textbooks from the BHCC bookstore, either in-person or online. You may also choose to use familiar outlets such as or to purchase textbooks online. However, be advised that some online outlets can be out-of-stock or in a back-ordered situation which may cause serious delays.

All students have access to the Student Resource Center. The SRC is a practice course in Moodle which offers various resources and activities to support the student learning experience at BHCC. Students can experiment with Moodle tools, view tutorials in our “How To” video library, access introductory videos and handouts on ePortfolio and much more! Log into Moodle using your BHCC Self Service credentials to access the Student Resource Center now!