Student Leadership and Engagement

Student Leadership and Engagement at BHCC

Paul Moda

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Student Leadership and Engagement Office at Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC)! We are dedicated to creating an environment that celebrates our campus diversity and creates community, supports the mission of the college and supports your education, and brings fun and festivity to your days on campus.‌

At BHCC, you will have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, and from all over the world. The job of my department is to celebrate that diversity, and we do that by presenting numerous opportunities for you to network, interact and connect with other students.

Our goal is to create opportunities for you to make meaningful connections, create lasting memories, and gain experiences that will enhance your personal and professional development. We are here to serve you, so I invite you to stop by our office and explore how we can help enrich your experience at BHCC.


Paul Moda
Director, Student Leadership and Engagement


Student Activities at BHCC

Bunker Hill Community College has an active student life program. The activities coordinated through the Office of Student Activities provide students with the opportunity to be more engaged, meet more people, and make a difference in campus life at the college. We celebrate diversity and encourage cultural interaction.

There are more than 30 student organizations at Bunker Hill Community College, providing the campus with social, cultural and educational programs as well as leisure-time activities. New members are always welcome.

The Office of Student Activities serves as the central clearinghouse for all student activities and provides administrative support for clubs and organizations. Along with providing administrative leadership, the office staff assists in coordinating social and cultural events for students.

Mission Statement

The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement provides a comprehensive array of programs and services that directly impact and enhance the quality of student life on campus while supporting the social, cultural, educational, personal and professional development of students. Our goal is to create community wherein the many cultures and identities within which our students align are celebrated, explored and understood. We provide opportunities for students to engage as members in the college community through assuming leadership roles as mentors, members and officers of student clubs and organizations. Through this participation, workforce readiness skills in areas including program planning, budget management, and individual and group development are fostered that help prepare students for living in a global society.

Aligned with the college’s goals and mission, we seek to create an environment that empowers students to explore their beliefs, develop their talents, and position them for lives of service and meaning. Through participation in college programs and events, leadership positions in student clubs and organizations, the development of individual and group leadership skills, and services to support student success, we seek to create a college experience that is vibrant and purposeful for all students. Our success in this area comes from intentional leadership and a strong understanding of how to engage students to develop community in a college environment. Through this schemata, we create a framework for creative learning that supports the success, retention and completion of all students.


Charlestown Campus
Room D106H
Phone: 617-228-2260

Summer Hours
Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 4 pm
Friday: Virtual Office Hours and By Appointment