Mission Statement

The mission of the Medical Laboratory Assistant Certificate Program at Bunker Hill Community College is to provide students with a strong academic foundation so that they may take their place among the professionals in the Medical Laboratory Community. Through rigorous coursework, and clinical laboratory experience, students will be provided with the education and training they need to achieve the basic skills to enter the workforce directly as medical laboratory assistants. In keeping with the Mission of Bunker Hill Community College, the program seeks a student population that reflects the diversity of the urban community and encourages the incorporation of the strengths of many cultures, age groups, and learning styles into the curriculum.

Program Overview

This program prepares students through lectures, laboratory activities and hospital-based clinical experience to become Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technicians. Students will acquire the skills and knowledge essential for working in a medical laboratory and performing tests that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and the maintenance of health.

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Medical Laboratory Assistant Benchmarks

  2021 2022 2023
Graduation Rate 100 100 N/A**
Placement Rate 100 100 N/A**
ASCP BOC Certification Rate N/A* N/A* N/A**

*Student have not taken the ASCP exam yet

**The 2023 year is still in progress