Studio Arts Option

Associate in Science Option

VMA Studio

Program Description

The program offers foundation training for artists, photographers, media-creators, and studio designers through traditional and digital art instruction and conceptual ideation towards individual expression. Gaining technical mastery over the foundational basic elements of art and principles of design provides students with the flexibility to produce compelling artwork in any medium, and skills with translatable commercial value. Graduates of this option may qualify to transfer using benefits of Mass-Transfer Pathways to a four-year state college or University of Massachusetts campus.

Studio Arts Option program of study

Career Outlook

Graduates of this option qualify to transfer to bachelor’s degree-granting colleges or universities. Potential entry-level careers in the visual arts, which vary according to the chosen major, may include: Fine Arts, Commercial Arts, Graphic/Visual Design, Photography, Sculpture/3-D Designer, Illustration, Animation, Filmmaker, Videography, Architecture/Interior Architecture, Fashion Designer, Art Therapy, Art Education, Art Criticism and Theory, Art Historian, Art Critic, Curator, Gallerist/Art Dealer, Video Game Designer, Audio/Visual Artist, Audio Technician, Web Designer, Display Designer, Product Designer, and more. Students of all these tracks receive the same foundational curriculum within a typical four-year art college.

Upon completion of this Concentration, Graduates will be able to:

  • Develop a portfolio in preparation for transfer to a four-year college or university.
  • Adapt the fundamental elements and principles of design to the individual aesthetic.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in Drawing, painting, and creating works in traditional as well as digital technologies and experimental forms.
  • Apply the basic principles of color theory.
  • Combine conceptual and critical thinking skills as applied to Studio Art