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About the Paralegal and Legal Studies Department

The Paralegal and Legal Studies Program at Bunker Hill Community College is designed to prepare students for careers in criminal justice, prepare students for further study at four-year institutions in criminal justice or any closely related field and increase and enhance skills and knowledge for career advancement in the field. The program has recently gone through a comprehensive revision to ensure its continued excellence and relevancy.

This website is being provided to all incoming Paralegal and Legal Studies students as their guide to the program. All returning student must continue to meet the requirements of the program that were in effect when they entered.


Program Overview

This program prepares students for legal employment by training them to assist lawyers in gathering and analyzing factual data, drafting correspondence, researching legal questions, and preparing legal documents. Paralegal employment provides flexibility (full-time, part-time, per diem, temporary or freelance) and the opportunity to enter the legal field without first obtaining a law degree. Graduates of the program may directly enter the work force or opt to continue their education and pursue a four-year degree.