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Practicum Application Orientation Meetings

Orientation meetings are held during the Spring semester for Early Childhood Development and Human Services Program students ready to take the practicum courses. To be eligible for these courses, students must be at the end of their programs and will be ready to graduate during the following Spring semester. 

Application is made to the department for enrollment into the Practicum courses (ECE 220-221 or HSV 220-221) during the Spring semester only. HSV students must complete HSV 216 in the Spring semester prior to applying to department for HSV 220 enrollment.  All practicum activity must start in the Fall and continue through Spring.  

A CORI check is required of all practicum students. There are other requirements for enrollment. For more information concerning these requirements and application procedures, contact the Department Chair, Early Childhood Coordinator or Human Services Coordinator.

Graduation Applications

Those students completing all course requirements at the end of fall semester will be eligible to apply for graduation at the Registrar’s office (B building lobby) during the month of October. Those completing requirements in spring semester must apply during the month of February. 

Early Childhood Development Institute

The Department has created a series of one-credit and non-credit courses to be used as either career electives for degree seeking students or as professional development credits for those seeking to continue their learning after graduation.  These one-credit courses are detailed under the list of courses found on this web page and further information can be found by visiting the Workforce Development area of the website at www.bhcc.edu/eci

Changes in Certification Program Offerings in Early Childhood Development

The Certificate in Early Childhood Development has been changed and developed into two different certificate options.  The Certificate in Early Childhood Development now has only 18 credits for completion and provides all the coursework required for DEEC certification (once work experience is completed). 

The Certificate in Early Childhood Development with Child Development Associate Credentialing enhances the basic ECDev Certificate and requires 27 credits (an additional 9 credits beyond the basic certificate).  This Certificate is a selective admissions program and requires that students meet specific criteria for admissions. Upon completion, students will be eligible to apply for the national Child Development Associate Credentialing program.  More information about this may be found under the Degree and Certificate and Early Childhood Development Overview sections of this website.

Changes in Certification Program Offerings in Human Services

The Human Services Program now offers a single Certificate option within its Human Services Associate degree program. Coursework in the option can be applied to the Human Services Associates degree.  A Certificates is most often suited for those who already have achieved an Associate degree in another area of study and wish to now work in the Human Services field or those interested in pursuing Human Services work but who are not yet sure of their specific interest. The shorter certificate can provide a “window” into the field of study before embarking onto an A.S. degree, often required for employment.  One career elective is allowed in the Certificate program to allow for greater experience in some of the areas of human service work.  Courses used for career electives might include study in psychiatric rehabilitation, community health, or substance abuse services. 

Due to the prerequisite requirements, it may not be possible to complete the certificate requirements in one year’s period