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About the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Department

The Criminal Justice and Public Safety Program at Bunker Hill Community College is designed to prepare students for careers in criminal justice, prepare students for further study at four-year institutions in criminal justice or any closely related field and increase and enhance skills and knowledge for career advancement in the field. The program has recently gone through a comprehensive revision to ensure its continued excellence and relevancy.

This website is being provided to all incoming Criminal Justice and Public Safety students as their guide to the program. All returning students must continue to meet the requirements of the program that were in effect when they entered.

All criminal justice students are encouraged to meet with one of the full-time criminal justice faculty to go over the program, answer any question and to develop an individual educational plan.

Work hard and good luck as you pursue your goals.

Criminal Justice

Program Overview

The Criminal Justice Program will provide academically rigorous education to prepare students for entry- level careers in security, law enforcement, and corrections. Preparation for transfer to four-year programs and opportunities for professional development for those already employed in areas that are important in the Criminal Justice field will also be provided. In addition to specific content knowledge, all students will develop critical thinking, technological, cross-cultural and gender competencies, ethical understanding and communication skills.

Fire Protection and Safety

Program Overview

This program prepares students with practical and technical information and instruction. Students may include both potential fire fighters and in-service fire fighters wishing to upgrade their career status. An associate degree in fire protection and safety may lead to higher scores on promotional examinations.