Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts Program

The Associate in Arts Degree in Liberal Arts prepares students who have not yet chosen a major field of study to transfer to four-year colleges or universities. The college encourages students to take electives in disciplines in which they may major at a four-year institution. 

Liberal Arts and Pathways 

The Liberal Arts program is also an option in all six of the College’s Pathway options. A Pathway represents a broad area or field of interest in which similar programs of study are grouped. Selecting a Pathway is the first step of your educational journey at Bunker Hill Community College. Learn more about Pathways at BHCC.  

Liberal Arts and Transfer 

Students should consult their intended transfer institution to determine appropriate electives for this program. Graduates of this program may qualify to transfer using the benefits of MassTransfer to a four-year state college or University of Massachusetts campus. For current information on eligible programs, visit


If you are a new student interested in the liberal arts program, please contact Admissions.  
If you are a current student in the liberal arts program, please contact LifeMap & Advising.