Mission Statement

The Department of English develops the communication and critical thinking skills of students for all degree and certificate programs in the college.

The Department sees these skills as essential to success at the college, in the workforce, or in advanced education. To these ends, it offers courses in developmental writing and reading, college composition, research, literature, film, and oral communication. The Department recognizes the diversity of our students’ cultures, backgrounds, ages, and learning styles and encourages the students to use their experiences as tools in the learning process.


  • Prepare students for college level writing by providing instruction in sentence, paragraph, and essay development.

  • Prepare students for postsecondary education by providing instruction and practice in reading comprehension skills.

  • Enable students to understand and respond critically to texts, literature, and film.

  • Enable students to present and support a thesis in a well-structured, grammatically correct essay.

  • Teach students to research issues, draw independent conclusions, and communicate their knowledge in well-developed essays and oral presentations, using formats appropriate to a variety of academic disciplines.

In the College Writing Program, you will learn the reading and writing skills needed to succeed in college and in your career. There are three levels of course work in the College Writing Program:

  • College Writing (ENG-111, ENG-112);
  • College Preparatory (ENG-095 with RDG-095, ENG-111 with ENG-095);
  • Beginning Reading & Writing (ENG-090 with RDG-090).

To see course descriptions go to BHCCselfservice Course Search. The College Writing Program includes two 3-credit courses, College Writing I (ENG-111) and College Writing II (ENG-112). These courses teach you to write academic essays and research papers, and help you become a strong communicator and critical thinker. ENG-111 and ENG-112 are required for all Associate Degree Programs. Both courses are part of the College’s General Education Program and integrate BHCC’s Institutional Learning Outcomes: Inquire, Communicate, Act & Grow.

For intermediate readers and writers:

  • ENG-111 (College Writing I) with ENG-095 (Writing Skills II) provides integrated supports to help you succeed in College Writing;
  • ENG-095 (Writing Skills II) with RDG-095 (Reading Skills II) prepares you to write at a college level while improving your reading comprehension.

For beginning readers and writers:

  • ENG-090 (Writing Skills I) with RDG-090 (Reading Skills I) provides high levels of support to help you become a stronger and more confident reader and writer.

Take the English Placement Survey to determine the course that is the right start for you.

*Students may arrange to take the CLEP (College Level Examination Program) Exam to demonstrate ENG-111 proficiency.


Jennifer A. Cohn
English Department Chair
Office: B300E
Phone: 617-228-3250
Email: jcohn@bhcc.edu