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Division of Humanities and Learning Communities

Welcome to Bunker Hill Community College’s Division of Humanities and Learning Communities. The Humanities is the cornerstone of a college education, providing students with the knowledge, skills and habits of mind to adapt to any pathway in their educations, careers and lives. A degree in the Humanities prepares students to think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, make connections across disciplines, and apply classroom learning to local and global challenges.

The Division houses the Departments of Communication, English, English Language Learning, Global Languages, and Performing Arts. We offer Associate in Arts Degrees in Communication, English, English/Creative Writing Option, Global Language, Liberal Arts, Music and Theatre. These Degree Programs prepare students to transfer to four-year colleges or universities to seek bachelors’ degrees in their area of concentration.

The Division sponsors the College’s nationally recognized Learning Communities. In the Learning Community Seminar (HUM-120), first-year students integrate academic knowledge with personal experiences to examine the relationship among self, culture and society, explore career pathways, and map future plans. In Learning Community Clusters, students co-enroll in two or more courses organized around a social issue of interest, such as human rights or sustainability. Students who take part in BHCC Learning Communities are more likely to stay in school, do well in their courses, and achieve their goals.

The Division supports the College's General Education Program. All associate degree-seeking students engage with a wide-reaching set of General Education Outcomes, which align with Mass Transfer requirements and the College's Institutional Learning Outcomes: Inquire, Communicate, Act, and Grow. These skills are incorporated into the BHCC curriculum to provide a cohesive education that prepares students to thrive in the twenty-first century workforce and to take on vital roles and responsibilities within their communities.

The Division sponsors the One Book Program, which engages the College community in a dialogue about a common text that addresses a current social issue. Students, faculty and staff share the experience of reading a text and examining its effects upon our community. Programming offered throughout the year builds on discussions that begin in the classrooms of various disciplines. The College invites the author of the chosen text to visit, interact and speak with our student body. The One Book Program promotes critical thinking, spurs analysis, and encourages positive change.

Finally, the Division supports the World Studies Emphasis, which enables students to demonstrate acquired knowledge, skills and competencies needed to live and work in a globally interdependent world. Students complete five courses from the World Studies Emphasis menu that are designed to foster an ability to appreciate and analyze historical and contemporary experiences of diversity locally and globally.

The Division Office is located in C-building, Room 304. Our committed team of faculty and staff look forward to working with you.

Soo Park
Dean of Humanities and Learning Communities