Welcome to the History & Social Sciences Department

The Department of History and Social Sciences inquires about the world through six different fields of study: economics, geography, government (political science), history, philosophy and religious studies. 

In our classrooms, in our research and writing and in our communities, students and faculty consider questions like:

  • How can we use personal experiences to address political problems?
  • How does the past shape the present—and the future?
  • How do our local issues fit into a global context?
  • How do market forces play out in individuals’ lives?
  • How should we apply theory to real-world situations?
  • How shall we navigate and learn from intercultural and interreligious interactions?
  • How do a person’s actions reflect their individual character and their social circumstances?

Many of these questions may be familiar to students already—either from prior study or from life experience—and we value the diverse forms of knowledge and life experience that students contribute to courses in the department.

Our faculty bring multiple perspectives to the classroom. Professors in the department have lived, worked, and studied in many different countries, including Costa Rica, Côte d’Ivoire, India, Japan and the United Kingdom. A number of our faculty are proud graduates of community colleges, including BHCC. 

Most faculty in the department have expertise in more than one academic discipline, and we enjoy exploring interdisciplinary connections among the six main fields of study within the department. For example, we might consider the historical roots of contemporary political issues; we might inquire about how economic phenomena shape and reflect theories in philosophy; and we might look at how geography has influenced the development of most major world religions. 

The department offers one degree: the Associate in Arts in History & Government. The department also contributes to the World Studies Emphasis Certification.