Mini-Grant Program

2010-2011 Academic Year

In support of BHCC's long-term goal to promote sustainability and its mission to promote professional excellence, the Office of Academic Affairs and Student Services and the Office of Sustainability Management offer a program of funding for faculty and staff who propose innovative projects that integrate sustainability within existing courses or that benefit the college-wide pursuit of climate neutrality. An evaluation committee consisting of faculty, staff and students reviewed all application submissions.

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Sustainability Mini-Grant Program Information Packet

Congratulations to the following mini-grant recipients. Please click on the title to review the complete proposal details.

The Environment and You: Applying Psychological Principles to Sustainability

Dr.Karen Anell

Karin Elisabeth Anell

Adjunct Faculty:
Social Sciences

Green ArrowThe Environment and You: Applying Psychological Principles to Sustainability

Proposal to integrate sustainability themed modules as part of the Principles of Psychology Course (PSY101) by making the theme mainstreamed throughout the course to help students think critically about how psychological concepts can be applied to explain an individual's willingness to contribute to a better environment. Aspects such as learning, motivation, thinking and learning, personality and social psychology will be applied to encourage students to think critically about their propensity to help the environment, even if the immediate personal benefits are not clear.

Campus Wide Recycling…For Everyone!

Deborah Barrett

Deborah Barrett

Coordinator for Assessment Center

Green ArrowCampus Wide Recycling…For Everyone!

Proposal to actively engage students and staff in college-wide recycling through increased awareness of and involvement in recycling their own papers, bottles, cans and plastics. The project plan includes hiring student coordinators that will monitor recycling on campus, create and post awareness signage, serve as liaisons with the facilities department and develop effective ways of communicating with students and staff to encourage additional recycling.

The Pass Project: Promoting Awareness: Sports and Sustainability

Scott Benjamin

Scott Benjamin

Professor of Biology and Environmental Science

Green ArrowThe Pass Project: Promoting Awareness: Sports and Sustainability

Proposal to develop sports clinics that correlate soccer skills with sustainability principles, to create public awareness demonstrations and targeted videos for the BHCC community. Strategy utilizes athletics as a means to deliver sustainability messaging to students, faculty and staff at the college. This is collaboration between Professor Scott Benjamin and Jake Beverlin, BHCC assistant men's soccer coach.

Introduction to Sustainable Business

Erin DeCurtis

Erin DeCurtis

Adjunct Professor; Business and Coordinator, Community Center for Entrepreneurship

Green ArrowIntroduction to Sustainable Business

Proposal to develop a new course "Introduction to Sustainable Business" that is based on the 2010 Ceres Roadmap for Susta inability as a framework. Modules include introduction to sustainable business, sustainable business leadership and management, sustainable products and production, sustainable business reporting.

Urban Gardening at BHCC

Eileen Feldman

Eileen Feldman

Adjunct Faculty, BHCC Honors Program

Green ArrowUrban Gardening at BHCC

Proposal to enhance the existing seminar topic (Food and Sustainability) by developing a garden project at BHCC that involves students and community partners such as Save the Stuff and other green enterprises in the process.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship: BHCC Student Run Business

Tony Fontes

Tony Fontes

Assistant Professor of Business Management

Green ArrowSustainable Entrepreneurship: BHCC Student Run Business

Proposal to develop a dynamic collaboration between several student clubs (Entrepreneurship Club, Sustainability Club) that focuses on bringing a greater awareness of sustainability to the BHCC community. The project will also illustrate the benefits of creating a sustainable business model and focus on the creation of ongoing fundraising activities for student clubs that reduce overall waste and set a precedent for other clubs.

Creating the Paperless Paper Trail

Sandra Gaeta

Sandra Gaeta

Human Resources Administrative Assistant II

Green ArrowCreating the Paperless Paper Trail

Proposal to reduce paper waste through the use and adoption of "Infopath" feature of Microsoft Office Professional Pro Suite 2007. By selecting strategic applications such as resume/application online forms, annual contracts, and general registration forms, the project will develop protocols that may be adopted by several internal departments at BHCC including payroll, human resources and the business office. The scope of the project will include analysis of cost savings and development of training materials and shared resources.

Bunker Hill Localvores: Promoting Sustainable Agriculture

Jacqueline Kerstner

Professor of ESL

Helmut Kahlert

Professor of Hospitality

Green ArrowBunker Hill Localvores: Promoting Sustainable Agriculture

Proposal to promote sustainable growing practices and to organize the first CSA Fair (Consumer Supported Agriculture) at BHCC. This will involve creating an event focused on connecting Boston based organizations involved with CSAs, farmers markets, urban farming and sustainable agriculture for the benefit of the entire BHCC community.

Green IT Project: Defining and Researching the Feasibility of Green IT Curriculum


Jaime L'Heureux

Assistant Professor of Computer Information Technology

Green ArrowGreen IT Project:
Defining and Researching the Feasibility of Green IT Curriculum

Proposal includes several objectives including defining goals and methods of achieving greater sustainability through the use of computers on campus, monitoring of energy use on campus by students, visiting local recycling centers and developing career awareness research consistent with Learning Communities (CIT 213 Problem Solving).

Including Early Childcare and Education in Sustainability Education: A Key to the Future

Dr. Judy Lindamood

Judy Lindamood

Professor and Department Chair;
Early Childhood Education and Human Services

Green ArrowIncluding Early Childcare and Education in Sustainability Education: A Key to the Future

Proposal develops resources that may be incorporated by faculty into as portable modules within 8 different existing courses (ECE 102, ECE 103, ECE 104, ECE 106, ECE 109, ECE 110, ECE 112, and ECE 113). These include PowerPoint presentations, library materials and children's literature, virtual resources for the Early Childcare Resource Center. One complete module for the ECE 110 Science Concepts and Learning will also be completed within the scope of this project.

Print Management System Pilot

Diane Smith

Director of the BHCC Library and Learning Commons

Green ArrowPrint Management System Pilot

Proposal to control and monitor printing activity in the library. The goals are to reduce paper usage and to provide a mechanism to better monitor the amount of paper used on the public printers, the amount of printer toner required and the maintenance of existing peripherals.

Statistics and the Sustainability Revolution

Chris Watson

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Green ArrowStatistics and the Sustainability Revolution

Proposal to develop a new course that incorporates data from the college's climate action planning process, greenhouse gas inventory and the BHCC "Going Green" surveys within weekly assignments and projects for the course. The goal is to help to make statistics more accessible to all students by using relevant, real-world challenges that involve energy and resource conservation awareness.