Dr. Karen Anell

BHCC Adjunct Faculty, Behavioral Sciences

Dr.Karen Anell

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association Conference 2010

"I participated in a full-day seminar entitled "Thriving in any future", hosted by Chris and Rebecka Martenson. The different lectures focused on major contemporary threats, summarized by C Martenson as four facts:

  1. The developed world is broke and credit markets are failing (hyperinflation or worse is to be expected)
  2. The economy is built on growth and growth is no longer happening at the same rate
  3. Economy is built on oil and its supply is finite - we will hit peak oil
  4. Population growth is hitting unsustainable limits

Based on this, people (the world) has to change, but change is hard and most people do not change unless they reach insight OR feel enough pain to motivate change. According to Martenson(s), most people are in denial about the world crisis. C Martenson went on to describe how we hold deep held beliefs that will prevent change. The rest of the lecture focused on how Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) Conference BHCC Faculty Testimonials we as individuals and communities can prepare for the impending threats, including securing our finances and bunkering food and water.

I left the seminar with conflicting emotions. On the one hand it was informative and thought provoking, C. Martenson is well-read and convincing. On the other hand it did have a flair of impending doom and the focus on how individuals can help prepare for a disaster rather than joining forces to prevent it was somewhat disconcerting. Overall, I would have preferred to have C. Martenson and his wife participate in a debate with someone who has a different view of our ecological future - to create a more balanced view. Overall, the seminar helped me prepare for mainstreaming sustainability in my PSY-101 curriculum but I left the seminar wanting more meat to the bone re what we can actually do to help our environment today rather than prepare for a crisis."