Dr. Judy Lindamood

Chair: Department of early Childhood Education and Human Services

Dr. Judy Lindamood

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association Conference 2010

"I attended the Wednesday Keynote and then Educator's Summit which was on one day and included three workshops--two that had to do with education issues with children and a third of a general nature. The keynote was very interesting looking at how Oberlin College (from my home state of Ohio) is changing the landscape in a very small Ohio "college" only town and looking at the whole systems approach with greenspace surrounding, sustainable farming, as well as building for the future. Very interesting information I wasn't aware of. (The only thing I know about Oberlin in addition to its great academic reputation is that it is "way out there in the middle of nowhere!).

I then attended a hands-on workshop on wind power which allowed us to use real materials for curriculum experiences with younger children around wind, wind farms, etc. I have the materials and will use in my science for children class. The second workshop was on Biomimicry in Building and was fascinating since I knew absolutely nothing about it. The guy doing the presentation had many, many photos and was absolutely passionate about what he is doing as a builder. A great presentation and easy to understand for a novice like me.

The final was a look at the way Austria and Germany are doing work in this field. It is interesting to see how much further along some of the European countries are in their belief in how the government and citizenry must be involved in stemming the tide of "doom" as we deny the real issues of needed sustainability. There are so many avenues to pursue. I don't know where to begin. Also, the trade show was interesting. I didn't know there were so many ways to do solar panels!! Thanks for the opportunity to attend. It was very much useful to me as hooked me to several local areas of inquiry to use for my mini-grant activity."