Brian Alves

CHCC Student and Co-President of the Sustainability Club

Brian Alves

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association Conference 2010

"I think the conference was very informative. I especially enjoyed the initial opening dialogue with our four panelists. This happened to be the most interesting part of the conference because it allowed for each  to talk about the benefits of becoming green in their respective fields.

We were given the option to attend one session from three different segments (time slots) throughout the day. Fellow students Elsa John and Garcia Lam and I decided to attend different sessions so we could maximize this opportunity and later discuss what we learned in each session. The first session I attended was on "The Green Economy & Careers in Massachusetts" and the second session I attended was on Renewable Energy with a focus on Solar Panels. Our speaker described the benefits of adopting solar panels as a source of energy conservation as opposed to the general way of capturing energy.

The final session I attended was on "Entrepreneurial Success Stories." One speaker talked about the business of building and installing wind turbines. It was interesting to see the how people turn their passion for greening the future into an entrepreneurial venture."