Pathways to Prosperity and STAND Programs

Pathways to Prosperity

Pathways to Prosperity is a national initiative created by Jobs for the Future and the Harvard Graduate School of Education to develop pathways that link work and learning to meet projected state labor market demands in 9 states, including Massachusetts.

In Boston, Pathways to Prosperity is a six-year pathway program for high school students; starting in grade 9, who have expressed an interest in healthcare professions. Students will have an opportunity to complete Bunker Hill Community College prerequisite coursework prior to enrolling at the college. By completing prerequisite coursework during high school, participants will begin accumulating credits to receive a degree or certificate in their chosen healthcare field from BHCC.

BHCC has partnered with the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education, Jobs for the Future (JFF), Boston Public Schools (BPS), the Harvard Medscience Program and the Boston Private Industry Council (PIC) to develop a six year, grade 9-14 career pathway for students from high school through community college, and into the healthcare workforce.

Participating Schools Include:

  • The Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers
  • The Community Academy of Science and Health

P.E.P (Pathways Healthcare Education Program)

The Pathways to Prosperity Healthcare Education (P.E.P) Program provides work based learning opportunities for 9th and 10th grade students, in clinical settings, around the City of Boston through the Boston Private Industry Council and the Harvard MedScience Program. Part one (9th grade) introduces students to explore the wide variety of health care career choices through hospital tours, job shadowing, and career panels. Part two (10th grade) provides hands-on simulation experiences in order for students to better understand which career appeals to their interests and skills. Through the P.E.P students will be able to make an informed decision about which healthcare career path is right for them.


STAND Program

Stand Mission

STAND (Students Taking Action for Nursing Diversity) alleviates health disparities through education, experience, and mentoring for high school seniors focused on a career in nursing.

About the Program

STAND began as a grant funded program exclusively for students in selected Boston Public Schools.  After more than ten years, we have expanded our unique program structure to include post- secondary institutions outside of Boston. 

STAND is a three-tier program that provides high school seniors who have expressed an interest in the nursing field with an opportunity to pursue a degree in the Registered Nursing Program at Bunker Hill Community College.

Created to assist in the elimination of racial and ethnic disparities in healthcare, STAND reaches out to a diverse array of high school seniors and guides them through the necessary prerequisite courses for nursing. Students who complete the STAND program requirements,  BHCC’s nursing  program course prerequisites and who achieve passing scores on the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) are guaranteed acceptance into the College’s highly competitive Registered Nursing Program.

The STAND Program Coordinator advises students on coursework, scheduling and other issues which may impede successful progress. STAND nursing students receive one-on-one tutoring with registered nurses. Students may also consider exploring BHCC’s other healthcare options which include certificate programs such as Licensed Practical Nursing or one of BHCC’s Allied Health programs or Degree Programs. (Explore BHCC Allied Health Certificate and Healthcare Degree options at

The STAND program provides students with a foundation on which to build skills for a rewarding career and the opportunity to earn a good salary, with benefits. The program provides the first step towards a career that will command the respect of colleagues, family and friends.

STAND is a component of the Pathways to Prosperity program; which allows students interested in healthcare professions to complete prerequisite coursework during high school in order to accumulate credits toward a degree or certificate from Bunker Hill Community College in their chosen field.


Participating Schools Include:

  • The Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers
  • Urban Science Academy
  • Madison Park Vocational Technical Academy
  • The Community Academy of Science and Health
  • Jeremiah E. Burke High School
  • Boston International Newcomers Academy
  • Somerville High School
  • Medford Vocational Technical High School
  • Cambridge Rindge and Latin School


STAND Advantages

  • Free dual enrollment course at BHCC
  • Hands-on labs and workshops
  • Mentoring, advising and tutoring
  • Field trips
  • Transportation stipends
  • Guaranteed admission to BHCC's Nursing program upon successful completion of all prerequisites


STAND Lessons

  • Healthcare career options
  • Learning styles
  • Communication skills
  • Medical terminology
  • Conversions/abbreviations
  • Vital signs
  • Test taking skills
  • Time management
  • Personal care and self-respect