Sivarubini Murugaiah Memorial Scholarship

Conditions: When scholarship eligibility criteria require a minimum number of credits or grade point average earned, only college-level courses (numbered 100 and above) taken at Bunker Hill Community College and applicable toward a degree or certificate program will be considered unless otherwise noted in the scholarship eligibility requirements. 

Eligibility Criteria: Awarded to a continuing BHCC student who meets the following criteria: 1) is the first person in his or her immediate family to attend college; 2) has completed at least 30 credits (including development credits) at BHCC; 3) has qualified for financial aid; 4) has a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher; 5) is enrolled for at least six credits for the fall 2013 semester; and 6) intends to complete either an A.S. or A.A. degree at BHCC. 

Amount: $1,000 for tuition and fees for the Fall 2015 semester. Scholarship is renewable for the Spring 2016 semester if the student maintains the eligibility requirements.

Application Deadline: March 4, 2016

Application Available: Download PDF Application