Bunker Hill Community College Office of Public Safety and Campus Police

Appeal Process for a Parking Violation

When receiving a parking violation at BHCC Charlestown or Chelsea Campuses’ you have the option to have an appeal hearing. Follow these simple steps to get the process started.

  1. Obtain the appeal application at the Office of Public Safety and Campus Police room E-127, Charlestown Campus.
  2. Complete the appeal application and a date and time will be scheduled with the parking office for the appeal hearing. The appeal hearing must occur within twenty-one (21) days from the violation date on the citation.
  3. Appeal hearings are held at the Charlestown Campus, in the E-Building, 4th floor, room E- 451, at 1:00 pm (bring your violation, appeal hearing form and any evidence you would like discuss with the Appeal Officer).
  4. Failure to appear or have a representative appear to your scheduled hearing at the specified date, time and location will cause the appeal to be automatically denied. No further hearing will be scheduled.
  5. The written decision of the Hearing Officer shall be issued within fourteen (14) days following the hearing and shall be final. You have the right to appeal this decision in Superior Court within thirty (30) days after receipt of this decision, in accordance with Section 14 of Chapter 30A of the General Laws of the Commonwealth.
  6. Failure to pay penalties or fines assessed for violations or as subsequent late payment penalties will result in notice to the Registry of Motor Vehicles and non-renewal of the subject vehicle's registration and owner's license to drive. College policies relative to outstanding financial obligations will also be enforced where applicable.