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Pastry Arts Certificate Program
Course Title Course Number Semester Taken Credits Prerequisites
Food Service Sanitation and Skills CUL111 3
Introduction to Culinary Arts CUL115 Fall 4 co-req CUL125
Principles of Baking CUL125 Fall 4 co-req CUL115
Café and Bistro Cuisine CUL135 Spring 4 CUL115 and CUL125; co-req CUL145
Advanced Desserts and Pastries CUL145 Spring 4 CUL115 and CUL125; co-req CUL135
Menu Design and Purchasing CUL 211 3
Cake Decorating CUL119 3
Classical and International Pastries CUL217 Spring 4 CUL145
Total Credits 29

Program Overview

This program prepares students with the basic skills and knowledge required for entry-level positions in the baking and pastry industry. This two semester, 29 credit program is scheduled from September through May.

Career Outlook

Graduates of this program qualify for a variety of entry-level positions in retail bakeries, pastry shops and related pastry production facilities. Students also qualify to transfer most credits to the Associate in Science Degree in Culinary Arts.

Upon Completion of this Concentration Graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate practiced an acquired technical skills in the usage of tools and equipment found in a typical bakery or commercial pastry production facility.
  • Demonstrate the necessary administrative skills common to basic cost control and planning methods found in a typical commercial pastry shop.
  • Demonstrate conceptual skills acquired through course work relative to operating a successful pastry shop or bakery facility.