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BHCC Graduate Wins Computer Software Engineering Award

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Truong Than, a 2007 graduate of Bunker Hill Community College, has won the Computer Science Alumni Award for Excellence in Software Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Boston. He received an Associate in Science degree in Computer Science at BHCC in June 2007. While at the College, Than was already a standout student in his field: he won both the Special Achievement and the Academic Excellence Awards from the Computer Science Department.

The Computer Science Alumni Award for Excellence in Software Engineering is awarded annually to a graduating bachelor’s degree student in Computer Science who has an outstanding academic record. The award citation from the University of Massachusetts Boston states: “Truong has distinguished himself in his classes as a mature programmer and as a leader in class projects”…He is enthusiastic about the material he learned and active in answering questions in class and in online forums.”

Than arrived in the United States from Vietnam in December 2003, and enrolled at Bunker Hill Community College in June 2005. Than became a naturalized U.S. citizen in March of this year.

Than will graduate with a BS in Computer Science in Spring 2009. After graduation, he plans to continue his studies at UMass Boston in the Computer Science Masters program.

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