Workshop Development

Development Steps - The Library's Role

  • Set up consultation with BHCC instructor; receive copies of applicable class assignments and syllabus. All requests for consultations and workshops go through Andrew McCarthy, a Coordinator of Library Services.
  • Develop a handout to support goals and topics covered in library session.
  • Develop or update a LibGuide to support the goals and topics covered during the semester.

Development Process

The workshop development process is focused around the specifics of each class as follows:

  • The subject and focus of the class and the students in the class.
  • What the students have studied during the semester.
  • The particular information needs attached to a class assignment. 

For these reasons, librarian instructors typically receive a copy of class assignments as well the syllabus during the initial consultation process.

The librarian instructor develops an instruction plan for the hour and fifteen minute class session—instruction plans usually entail about 30 to 45 minutes of lecture and discussion in the library classroom followed by 30 to 45 minutes of hands-on research in the library classroom.

To support the session, the librarian instructor develops a handout emphasizing the points covered that day.


Feedback about the library workshop experience is extremely important. 

It allows library staff to more closely align library instruction with student and faculty needs and create library instruction relevant to the academic experience here at BHCC.