Subject Focus Sessions

Information Literacy at BHCC

The BHCC Library follows ALA/ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. We look at Information Literacy as a set of skills that:

  • Enables people to recognize when information is needed.
  • Enables people to locate, evaluate, and effectively use needed information.
  • Forms the basis for lifelong learning
  • Is common to all disciplines, all learning environments, and all levels of education.


** The following is the American Association of Community Colleges Position Statement on Information Literacy:

Subject Focus Sessions

The bulk of the library's work in Information Literacy outreach is accomplished through the Workshop program, which serves 3,500 to 5,000 students per calendar year.


Collaboration is Key

Workshop content is most often the direct result of a collaboration between an instructor and the presenting librarian to ensure practical application of the session's content.

To make the workshop as useful as possible for BHCC students, librarian instructors ask for any pertinent assignments, the class's syllabus.  Expectations for the library workshop session are also discussed.

Workshop objectives and goals may be based on previous sessions for that class or topic, or they may be tailored to the class's particular needs as discovered through the collaboration process.