Academic Credit Internships

"For Credit" Internships offer the opportunity to obtain hands on experience while simultaneously moving you one step closer to completing your degree. These internships are available for a number of select programs, and in some cases even required. If you are looking for a chance to gain valuable work experience in exciting positions tailored to your major, follow the links bellow.
Academic Internships require advance approval of the Faculty or Internship Coordinator. 

Qualifying Programs

"For Credit" internships are available for the following programs:

How to get started with the internship process

Apply the semester BEFORE you plan to take your intern course. It takes time to find the right match, interview, and secure your internship site.  All sites need to be approved by the College.

  1. Review course prerequisites.
  2. Complete and return the Internship Application if required for your major.
  3. Schedule an appointment to meet with the Faculty/ Internship Coordinator.
  4. Develop and submit resume to receive assistance and referrals.
  5. Search, interview and secure internship site, including all employer pre-screening processes.
  6. Plan your next semester personal/ academic schedules to prepare to intern the scheduled hours (150)
  7. Submit job description to Faculty/ Internship Coordinator for site approval.
  8. Register for course (requires sign-off of Faculty, Department Chair, or Internship Coordinator).
  9. Create a work schedule with site supervisor.