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Seminar Dreams 
                                                                         The Nightmare by Fusili

Thanks for visiting the e-portfolio for the Honors Seminar about dreams. We, human beings, have always been fascinated by dreams and we can say without doubt that there has not been a culture that has not been interested or fascinated by them. There is something about dreams that fascinates, puzzles and disturbs us and we have tried to address and question them to find about ourselves and our psyche.

Dreams have been approached from the point of view of science and the humanities. Here in Boston we have some of the most important Dream Research Centers. Lab research and the scientific approaches to dreams have been very prolific and important, they have allowed us to discover the connections between dreams, our brains and our bodies.

Whether we think dreams are a message from the gods, manifestations from the deeper part of our psyche or simply byproducts of evolution, our brains at rest or refueling itself (garbage in, garbage out, as some say), we continue to be fascinated and puzzled by dreams.

In this Honors Seminar, we will approach dreams from an interdisciplinary point of view and students will have the opportunity to do research and write papers from a scientific, mythological, philosophical and psychological points of view, among others. They will also have the opportunity to present their research to other students and to an undergraduate conference, if they desire to do so.

This interdisciplinary approach is unique and we, as teachers, feel privileged to be able to share our knowledge and also learn from students' research.