Prof. Roger Celis

Roger CelisBiography and education

I was born in Peru were I grew up, learned French and lived there until, just fresh from high school and with an excellent command of French, I decided to take the first flight to Paris where instead of a stay of some months I ended up living there for 5 years. I worked and finished a BA degree in literature until it was time again for a change.

I moved then to Seattle, Washington where I finished my Ph.D. in, what else but French and Spanish language and literature. Right after that another big city: New York where I taught at a four year college.

I've been teaching at Bunker Hill since 2005 and besides teaching Spanish and French I'm also the co-director of the Honors Program. As part of the program I teach a seminar on dreams.

I consider Boston and Bunker Hill my last stop. I love the diversity of students in terms of ethnic, social, age and profesional background.

Other interests:

I like to read fiction in French, Spanish and English. I also do my best to find opportunities to speak those languages.
Besides that, I love photography. My favorite photographers: William Eggleston, Saul Leiter, Walker Evans, Cindy Sherman, ect.

My favorite soccer teams: Barcelona, Corinthians, Liverpool.

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