Jessica Bethoney

Jessica BethoneyBiography and education I am a native New Yorker who came to Boston to go to Tufts University to study Romance Language and Literature, fell in love with the area and never left. After obtaining a graduate degree in Intellectual History from Brandeis University, I decided I wanted to work in the field of social justice, and spent three years teaching at the Mass. Correctional Institution at Concord, where I also taught in Bunker Hill’s Open College program in which prisoners took courses at the college.

After getting a Master’s in Counseling at Tufts, I was hired to be a bi-lingual counselor at the college. As the college had no English as a Second Language program at that time, I developed the E.S.L. program and then taught in it for many years. I designed a course in American Culture, along with a number of workshops for faculty to help them understand the diversity of cultures at the college.

I also have had the great pleasure of directing programs for students from other countries, including social workers from Venezuela and graduate student leaders from Argentina.

From my travels around the world, I have been greatly enriched by the diversity of perspectives, and I enjoy nothing more than helping others to achieve cross-cultural understanding. I offer workshops in Parenting Across Cultures in a number of local communities, and will be teaching the honor’s seminar entitled“Wired for Culture”, along with a seminar in American culture for visiting Polish university students this fall.

Other interests:

In my free time, I play tennis, golf and dance “salsa”. I also work with refugees from Iraq, and other countries, in conjunction with the International Institute, and travel to El Salvador to teach and translate for a charity which supports a children’s center.