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New Course Coming to Bunker Hill Community College Spring 2013: Practical Python Programming

CIT-523 Python Programming is an introductory computer science course in which the basics of computer programming are introduced through learning Python. This survey course exposes students to a breadth of topics that lay the foundation for higher-level computer science courses and promote computational thinking skills useful for students in a variety of other programs. This is not a "computation appreciation" course but a challenging and rigorous hands-on course in which students learn to bend the computer to their will.

This course will feature a "flipped" instructional model in which lectures become homework, and homework is done in the classroom. Lectures presented by MIT professors will be viewed online at home, and homework, in the form of hands-on, problem-based assignments and group work based on the lectures, will be completed in the classroom with the assistance of BHCC professors.

CIT-523 Python Programming as offered this spring is something new at BHCC. The College has entered into a partnership with edX, the world's leading online-learning initiative, founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). BHCC and Mass Bay Community College are the first community colleges to join edX in bringing a new teaching model to the classroom. Many edX courses are taken by thousands of students around the world simultaneously. The ultimate goal of edX is to provide access to life-changing knowledge for all.

Students who complete the course will earn three credits, which may go toward a BHCC certificate or degree or may transfer to many baccalaureate programs.

Disclaimer: This course is part of a special project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to explore how course curricula designed through edX, an online learning project from Harvard and MIT, can be offered in community college settings. Students who enroll in this class will have the opportunity to participate in a group interview about their experience in the course. Responses will be kept anonymous.

CIT-523 Python Programming
NEW Blended-Hybrid COURSE - SPRING 2013

Instructors: L'Heureux/Jefferson
Class Meetings: 01 LEC Monday and Wednesday
11:30 a.m.-12:45 p.m.
Prerequisite: Foundations of Algebra (MAT097) or placement in a higher-level math course.
Credits/Cost: Three-credit course; $423.00 in-state; $1,041.00 non-resident;
Additional Requirements: Regular access to a computer with reliable internet connection to view and complete online lecture sequences and exercises.