Corporate Meeting Leader

Corporate Meeting

Have you ever felt frustrated in being part of endless, unproductive meetings leading nowhere?

Let’s face it, lost productivity and diminished morale is a function of poorly run meetings. A meeting for everything, but Almost Nothing Productive Comes From Them. It’s a monumental waste of money, especially when you multiply the number of people sitting around the meeting by their associated hourly salary and benefits. What is the cost of lost productivity and diminished morale?

About Corporate Meeting Leader

Corporate Meeting Leader is a unique blended learning coaching program designed to help you and your team impact outcomes in a meeting situation. Using a patented, game simulation interface, you interact with artificial intelligence (AI) characters in a safe place, allowing you to experiment and to discover through your own experiences on how to succeed.

The simulation happens in a real-time, multi-person dynamic meeting environment where anyone can affect anyone else by what they say. You practice different scenarios to see the outcome based on different strategies. As AI characters converse, each character changes how it feels towards you and others (more or less aligned), more or less powerful, and more relaxed or tense.

The simulator allows you to see your leadership situation as the meeting unfolds. The more you play the game, the better you become at reading non-verbal and verbal communications and decide—in real time—if and how you will communicate.

Instead of practicing in real life with potentially really bad consequences, you can practice using the CML SimuLearn program.

Principle Takeaways

  • Develop emotional intelligence by learning how to read social cues (body language, tones) and adjust the tension in the room to leverage meeting engagement
  • Redirect the group to support the right ideas and steer it away from wrong ideas
  • Learn how to influence others
  • Help the group make better decisions
  • Recognize signs of faction building
  • Uncover hidden agendas
  • Monitor stress and tension in the room
  • Be more productive in meetings
  • Develop a sense of responsibility with clarity and purpose, motivated to follow through on action steps
  • Use the right approach to get your point across