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Our Commitment
The single biggest problem facing Massachusetts businesses today is the lack of trained workers. We are uniquely positioned with the resources, the expertise and the partners to help you meet this challenge.

The Workforce Development Center is built on three pillars: Talent, Partners and Customers. These three pillars enable us to develop meaningful “products” that improve business results. Our solutions achieve a number of positive business outcomes, including: improved morale, enhanced quality of service, higher retention, increased revenue, and reduced costs.

Our Talent consists of specialists who have both extensive field experience and in–depth knowledge of the subject at hand. They also have solid facilitation skills to achieve maximum audience engagement. Once we fully understand your business needs, and select the best learning solution, we assign our specialist(s) to work with the targeted performer group of your organization.

Our Partners are comprised of learning organizations dedicated to designing effective curricula and quality training materials. AchieveGlobal, NetSpeed Learning Solutions, Development Dimensions International (DDI), and TrustWorks! are just a few of our collaboration partners.

Our Customers help us understand the business needs and the performance gaps that must be addressed. We work with you to select the appropriate solution, given your constraints and limitations, as well as your organizational culture. The success of any project, no matter the size, begins with a focus on our customers.

Our Products are solutions that support the achievement of desired business outcomes important to your department or organization.

Our Assurance

Our Curriculum
Workforce Development Center offers you a choice of training programs that best meet your business needs. Working closely together, we can create specialized programs from hundreds of targeted, non-credit workshops, or bring one of more than 70 college degree or certificate programs into your workplace.

Our Instructors
We select the right instructor for your particular needs based on our "big four" criteria: field experience, teaching skills, fit and credentials. With our extensive database, we can offer the fastest, most efficient way to access hundreds of the very best trainers and consultants available.

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Put our resources to work for you. Call us today at 617-228-2021 for a free consultation to discuss how we can help your employees become your strongest competitive advantage.