Volunteer Programs at BHCC

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Volunteering is the performance of formal service to benefit others or one's community without ‌receiving any external rewards. Course credit is not given as a volunteer.

The Office of Community Engagement hosts a variety of initiatives that involve hundreds of BHCC students in direct service to Greater Boston communities and forward the College's mission of promoting civic engagement and leadership.

Service Months

Service Months are themed service opportunities that occur throughout the academic year. Last year, BHCC students contributed 1,020 hours of service during  Serve in October, Give Thanks in November, Give a Heart in February. These one-time volunteer opportunities seek to inspire and challenge our conceptions on prevalent community issues, as well as get students intrigued with  volunteering. Opportunities are scheduled on weekdays and weekends, morning and nights to fit everyone’s schedule. This is great way to meet new people at BHCC.
To sign up for a Service Month opportunity visit the online schedule at: www.bhcc.mass.edu/volunteer-signup
Every Service Month the Community Engagement office recognizes one student who has exhibited excellence as a volunteer. To be considered for the Service Month Recognition, a student must attend two volunteers, enthusiastically participate in the service activity, and complete the volunteer evaluations that will come after each volunteer event.

Grassroots Community Organizing Alternate Spring Break

This is a training series focused on the fundamentals of community organizing. During the week of Spring Break 2014, student will have the chance to learn about community organizing and then apply their new knowledge in a service project. In a series of workshops, students engage in dialogue around social justice and community organizing and learn the tools of fostering social change. Students get hands-on experience with a grassroots community organization and will develop  project that will be implemented during Spring Break.

Get Involved Workshops

There are many reasons people decide to get involved in their communities. As a volunteer, you not only give back to your community, but you learn new things about yourself, meet interesting people and boost your resume. Additionally, more and more colleges and universities give scholarships based upon volunteer experience; employers also find volunteer service a plus on a resume. But finding the right organization to volunteer with and completing all the necessary applications and background checks can be tricky. Get Involved Workshops will show you the way to become a successful volunteer.

Volunteer Referrals, come and talk to us in the Office and we can help you find a great organization to volunteer with.

If you are interested in volunteering and want to stay up-to-date on the Office of Community Engagement programs, please fill out the Volunteer Interest Form.