Spring 2014 Workshop Series

Celtic Music as the Wheel of the Year
WCE-231 $15

In every culture, music has provided much more than entertainment to human life. The traditional music of the Celts celebrated the natural world, giving each community a sense of connection to each other and to the mysteries of life and death. Musical rituals gave structure and shape to everyday life, celebrated heroic events and people, commemorated important folk figures such as St. Patrick and St. David and strengthened a shared sense of values. This workshop will introduce participants to music of the Celts and how it functioned in the folklore and history of Celtic peoples through performed and recorded music, illustrated lecture, and conversation. Come celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day weekend with us.

Celtic Roots and Branches
WCE-233 $15

Understanding the influence of immigrant cultural contributions is vital to understanding the development of U.S. history. Throughout that history, the musical contributions of the Celtic people have been extremely important. This workshop will provide an overview of how Celtic music influenced U.S. history and culture, focusing mostly on the 18th and 19th centuries. We'll explore this story together through performed and recorded music, illustrated lecture, and conversation.

How to Be a Better Student
WCE-235 $20

As a busy professional, you know the importance and value of education to reaching your career and personal goals. However, taking time to get organized, set priorities and carve out space to achieve those goals is not always easy and can be hard to sustain over a semester. Designed for current students and lifelong learners, this workshop will provide you with an overview of common barriers students face, strategies for effectiveness and help participants develop solutions for success. Technology recommendations tailored for students will also be provided.

How to Evaluate News & Research
WCE-237 $20

This workshop will discuss ways in which you can evaluate news and research. We can access so much information at our fingertips on the Internet and the media, but how do we know we can trust it? Participants will learn reliable methods of evaluating information sources. This workshop will provide criteria for evaluating information including checking for bias, assessing arguments, sponsorship and purpose.

Community Organizing & Collaboration
WCE-241 $20

This workshop presents an overview and application of engaging in social change through community organization and planning. Participants will learn about assessment and intervention challenges on the community level with attention to issues of diversity and citizen empowerment. An overview of major community practice and organizing models, including interagency collaboration, will be discussed.

Parenting in America: A Cross-Cultural View
LNG-205 $20

Designed for parents from other cultures, this 90-minute workshop will offer an overview of the central values that have shaped key American institutions such as the family and education. Participants will compare and contrast American beliefs, values and attitudes with those of their cultures of origin. Parents will leave with a better understanding of why children growing up in America may be caught between two worlds and how to meet the challenge of parenting in America.