Health and Medical Related Programs

Basic Life Support (BLS) For Healthcare Providers
FSR-108  $69

This one-day course presents the American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR and AED program, teaching skills needed for professionals to use in the initial response to adults, children, and infants with cardiac emergencies and choking. Skills include one and two person CPR, use of a mask for ventilation, and Automated External Defibrillator. Program includes both skill tests and written test; written test requires students to read English at approximately the 10th grade level. Students who need extra time to complete the tests may need to stay beyond the end of the scheduled class time. Text is BLS for Healthcare Providers (Student Manual), published in 2011; older editions not acceptable. Book may be independently purchased by students ahead of time; instructor will also have books for sale on day of class. For those who successfully complete the program will receive a two-year certification card will be sent to them via BHCC approximately one week after the class.

Medical Interpreting Certificate Program
WCE-375  $999

The need for medical and community interpreters is rapidly increasing, and so is the demand for trained professionals in the field. This 54-hour course, offered in collaboration with Transfluenci, will help prepare new and experienced interpreters to work in hospitals, health clinics, governmental agencies and more, following the standards and ethics of the profession. This program will include an overview of the profession and professional settings, sight translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting practice, role-playing, note-taking techniques, readings in the field, exercises for building memory and concentration, discussion of practices, standards and ethics, vocabulary in the medical and legal fields, and advice on how to find and keep a job as an interpreter. This course is open to all languages, but students must be able to comprehend and communicate fully in both English and at least one other language. Because a selective interview is required before acceptance, students must register at least two (2) weeks in advance. The College will issue a certificate upon satisfactory completion of this course, and participants receiving a certificate will be given the opportunity to interview with Transfluenci for potential employment as interpreters. This program meets requirements of the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) for national certification. Prior to acceptance into the course, the student must take a brief language proficiency test.

Anatomy and Physiology Spanish Training
WCE-260  $599

This 40-hour Spanish Anatomy and Physiology course will focus on medical vocabulary, culture and language to improve the effectiveness of every healthcare provider who speaks Spanish. This course gives participants an extensive knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology and improves effective communication skills for those working with a Hispanic population. At the conclusion of this training, participants will be able to: define and describe symptoms, diseases, treatments and procedures in Spanish, and discuss demographic trends of healthcare in Spanish.

Heartsaver Adult First Aid and C.P.R.– AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Training Program and Certification
FSR-105A $79

This program will cover Basic Adult First Aid techniques and Certify students in Heartsaver Adult – Child CPR-AED. & F.B.A.O. Topics covered shall include Bleeding, Shock, Wounds, Seizures, Scene Safety, Sudden Illness, Burns, Airway Management, Environmental Emergencies, Documentation and Patient Assessment will be covered. This training program will include Heartsaver Adult and Child C.P.R. along with airway obstruction techniques. (A Two year A.H.A. Certification Card Issued). This program meets and/or exceeds “OSHA” standards 29 CFR 1910-151 for Industrial – workplace First Aid training programs. The program is also recognized by the US Coast Guard” for “Maritime” First Aid / CPR Training requirements. Student-training manuals (A.H.A). (Heartsaver First Aid w/CPR-AED) with updated AHA Guidelines 2010 may be independently purchased by student or from Instructors day of class for $15.00 ($16.00 Spanish edition).

Heartsaver First Aid (Basic) Certification Training Program
FSR-105B $67

This program will cover Basic First Aid techniques and Certify students in Heartsaver Adult First Aid and F.B.A.O. Topics covered shall include, “General Principles” of First Aid,-First Aid skills in handling, “Medical Emergencies”-Allergic Reactions, Diabetic Emergencies, Seizures. Stroke, Heart Attack. “Injury Emergencies” – Bleeding, Head –Neck – Spine Injuries, Burns and Electrocutions “Environmental Emergencies”, Bites and Stings, Poison Emergencies, along with airway obstruction techniques. This program meets all training requirements as mandated under “OSHA” and for Maritime First Aid training requirements. Student training manuals (A.H.A. G-2010 Guidelines) “Heartsaver First Aid” can be purchased by students on own or from Instructor day of class for $10.00. (Please no credit cards on day of class).