Refund Policy

Students dropping or withdrawing from classes must complete the appropriate form available at the Admissions and Registration Desk, Room B203, Charlestown Campus. Failure to officially withdraw results in a grade of F or NA in the course and an obligation to pay in full. The schedule of refunds for tuition and general College fees applies only when proper withdrawal or class drop procedures, as established by the Registrar’s Office, are followed. Application fees are nonrefundable. Lack of attendance or course abandonment does not constitute a drop or withdrawal. For specific refund deadlines please refer to the course schedule booklet for the semester or session. For more information, go to Admissions and Registration Desk.

NO refunds are issued after the specified schedule adjustment period.

Health Insurance Refund Policy

Except for medical withdrawal due to covered injury or sickness, students withdrawing from the College during the first 31 days of the period for which coverage is purchased shall not be covered under the policy and a full refund of the premium will be made. Students withdrawing after 31 days will remain covered under the policy for which the premium was paid and no refund will be allowed. Students who do not withdraw completely, but who drop below nine credit hours within the first 31 days, may apply to the Student Payment Office for a refund of health insurance premiums. Registering for mini-semester, web courses, Telecourses, and Center for Self-Directed Learning courses later in the fall or spring semester may restore the student’s obligation to carry health insurance.