STEM Starter Academy

This summer, BHCC is pleased to announce the new STEM Starter Academy. The two tracks being offered in Summer 2014 are Biotechnology transfer/Biology and Biomedical Engineering/Engineering. This program offers STEM majors the opportunity to complete their math pre-requisites at an accelerated rate.

Participating students receive the two math courses at no cost, free textbooks, and a $1,000.00 stipend upon completion.

Students who have completed or tested out of MAT093 are eligible to take a cluster comprised of MAT097 and MAT099, and students who have completed or tested out of MAT097 are eligible to take a cluster combining MAT099 and MAT194.

Courses will be offered:
MAT097/099: M-TH, 9AM-11:45AM
MAT099/194, M-TH, 9AM-noon
MAT097/099, M-TH, 1-3:45PM
MAT099/194, M-TH, 1-4PM

Students will be admitted to the Academy on a first-come, first-served basis. To apply, please complete the STEM Starter Academy survey and application